An American Satire


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This 39 line, thought provoking song is Am American Satire.
It is entitled ‘Searching For Reality.”

The song became a book. I took each of the 39 lines of this negative satire, and transposed them into a positive, hopefully inspiring message.

The song is in a minor-mode and down beat (the lyrics are below).

The book takes the negative mood of the song lyrics and transforms them into positive, meaningful, life-changing thoughts.


America: Searching For Reality

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This song is styled after America, where I live, but it actually relates to people everywhere in the world. Searching for reality, or a better way of life, is something we all do. 

We may have differences in many ways, but inside, deep in our hearts, we are all very much the same. We all have different temperaments, personalities, and ‘quirks,’ not to mention more visible differences, but again, we are all very much the same.

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 Here are the song lyrics:

Composed and sung by Roger Himes          

AMERICA! Land of pride and plenty
People rushing to nowhere
Idle time beyond compare
Ignoring others in despair
Searching for some certainty.

People hear yet seldom listen
Others look but cannot see
Competing in the wrong directions
Acting out facsimiles.

People full yet always hungry
Reaching out but seldom touching
Outward laughing inward crying
Avoiding our Gethsemane.


AMERICA! Land of opportunity!
Money is our hidden treasure
Wealth becomes the standard measure
As we seek our fleeting pleasures
Pride without humility.

Grate concern but no compassion
Fighting hard for selfish justice
Becoming slaves in all dimensions
While striving hard to be set free.

Seeking answers while avoiding issues
Learning facts but never knowing
Seeking knowledge, seldom wisdom
Intellectual security.


AMERICA! Land of milk and honey!
Many songs yet few have meaning
Voices filled with empty chatter
Noise abounds while peace is fleeting
Clanging like calliopes.

Countless children yet few fathers
Many houses yet few homes
Many plans for great tomorrows
While today remains a mystery.

Many smiles but shallow greetings
Religious people with no true God
Many Christians without Christ
Searching for reality.


Here are two more songs of a different nature,
both composed and sung by Roger Himes      


This is an upbeat, sing-along:


This is a thought provoking song about living a flippant type of life
instead of living purposefully, meaningful and helpfully.

It’s message is about ‘talking the talk’ without ‘walking the walk’
As a ‘talkin’ blues,’ it has no melody or tune, just the spoken word.


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