Laws, Lawyers and Justice Humor: An Introduction

An introduction to:



But first, . . .


By Roger Himes, Lawyer

(Don’t all lawyers make opening statements?)

What in the world is law and lawyer humor doing on a website about Constitutional law? That’s a very good question. First of all, I personally enjoy jokes and humor about Laws, Lawyers and Justice. And . . .

If you don’t think the law is a laughing matter, think again.
A U. S. Supreme Court justice recently said:
“We now have over 10,000,000 laws —
to enforce the 10 commandments.”

And who writes our laws… and who wrote our Constitution?  LAWYERS!!!

While our U. S. Constitution is not a laughing matter, the lawyers involved in it, and the laws that evolved from it (and the judges that interpret them) definitely can be very serious laughing matters.

Sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from crying!!!

And what I’ve discovered is that most people LIKE jokes about law, justice, lawyers and judges.

Me_enlarged 180x210

Roger Himes, Lawyer

As I talk about in the humor section,
The Denver Post and The Rocky Mountain News
did articles about me, calling me. . .

“The Court Jester” and
“The Singing Attorney”

Here’s a song I wrote and sing, This Is God’s Country, and a slide show
I did on YouTube:

Me guitar

They also classified me as having “a Glenn Yarbrough sound,
and a John Denver delivery.” That was really a compliment!
I don’t think I’m near as good as either one of them!

GLENN-YARBROUGH-AND-THE-HAVENSTOCK-RIVER-BAND_S_T[1] 81bd7cbf633cceb021bbf6aac320a2e2[1] - Copy

Here’s John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High:

And here’s Glenn Yarbrough’s most popular song,
Baby the Rain Must Fall:

And here is my song, THE SINGER, in tribute to John Denver:
(but note: the John Denver Legacy site no longer exists)


These humor pages are in 6 parts:

First, here’s the humorous INTRODUCTION to these 6 parts.

(A) Lawyers, Laws and Justice
(B) Lawyers, Economics and the IRS
(C) Drunk Lawyers and Heaven
(D) Shrinks and Politicians
(E) America, JFK, and Laws
(F) Lawyers, Justice and Advice

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