Law and Lawyer Humor

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Pure and simple, this is simply humor. It is law and lawyer humor. Most people like jokes and stories about our legal and justice system, laws, lawyers and judges. If you do, you’ll find things here to put a smile on your face! I usually write about more serious things, but if you look for any type of message here, you’ll go blind. This is humor, simply humor.

For instance:
Why can’t we post the 10 Commandments in a courthouse anymore?

It’s because you cannot post, ‘Don’t steal,’ ‘Don’t commit adultery,’ and ‘Don’t lie,’
in a building where the people who work there do those exact things!
The problem is, I’m not sure if this is humor or fact!

The humor I’ve mined is in six parts,
plus an introduction:


An Opening Statement: my personal testimony,
with links to SONGS that fit this law and lawyer humor.

This is followed by 6  segments of humor:

(A) Lawyer Jokes – Law Humor 

(B) Lawyers, the IRS, Economics 

(C) Lawyers in Heaven (or Hell)

(D) Psychologist and Politician 

(E) Lawyers in America 

(F) Law and Justice  


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