Education in the United States

Our founding fathers believed the single most important thing to keep our experimental United States functional and working was what they called ‘an educated electorate.’ Education in the United States of America was the focus in the beginning.

This is not the primary purpose of the leaders of our nation today. Uneducated people don’t resist and oppose things as much as educated, knowledgeable, thinking people. They are easier to persuade and control. They are easier sold on charisma, and are not so tuned-in to character.

Education in the United States of America Today

Today’s standard is not education as America’s foundation. Education in the United States of America is not the same as it was created to be.

There are frequent newspaper and magazine articles about how poor our public U.S. education system is in most parts of the United States. Many, many young adults graduating from high school cannot even read and write at a 12th grade level.

Many businesses provide remedial educational programs just to bring newly hired high school students up to average. The average graduate knows little or nothing about how businesses must function, about our capitalization system, or about the political-legislative-legal system that our nation is built upon.

Poor teachers can avoid termination due to unions or longevity.

It’s really a sad state of affairs. According to a Washington Times newspaper report, compared to other nations, U.S. educated has fallen 10 notches in recent years.

Education in the United States of America Was A+

During the 1800s, U.S. education was number one in the world. This didn’t begin changing until about 1900-1920, and became very visibly noticeable by 1950-1960.
“Education is America’s foundation” isn’t our standard today, but it should be.

U.S. Education used to consist of three things:
(1) the Three R’s: reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic
(2) success education: how to succeed in business in America’s capitalized system
(3) morals and ethics basically consisting of what is now the Boy Scout law. This consisted of 12 components that were emphasized repeatedly, namely being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.

Today, only the first of these three elements still remains, and to reiterate what I said before, according to reports, even this one element is provided taught very, very poorly. But at least most of our young people know what reading, writing and arithmetic is, even if they can’t perform any of them to a high degree.

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But graduates get virtually no education of how to succeed in America’s free enterprise system, and they get almost no education of right vs. wrong – or of any sense of morality or ethics.

And they hardly know anything about our political-legislative-legal system in America. Most people don’t even vote today, and fewer have any knowledge of who is trying to be elected to an office, or what they may believe or promote.  What happened to the idea that “Education is America’s foundation”?

America’s System Was Not Born Overnight

It took our nation’s founders almost 200 years to come up with a political and educational strategy that was workable, and that could succeed. Our nation was founded in 1607, when the first people arrived on our shores from Europe. And it took until our Constitution was put in effect in 1787 to become truly workable. That is about a 180 year time-frame.

America’s System Became a Model

Our Constitution, and our system of government and education was very unique, and became a model to the world, and we were copied by many nations.

Much of the European world didn’t believe that the average person should be educated, or should be intelligent. This was reserved for the elite, wealthy people only. They wanted to keep the average person ignorant, much like some of our political leaders want to do today.

But our founders did not want the United States to embrace this system. They wanted public education to be available to everyone equally: “Education is America’s foundation.”

Education in the United States of America at Home

Parents were given the responsibility to educate their children, and prepare them for public education. This became a law in certain parts of our nation. Parents had to purchase education books and help their children learn them.

Thus, U.S. education was no simply the job of professional teachers. It began at home shortly after a child could see a page in a book, and hold a pen or pencil. By the time they got to public school they had a very noticeable head-start on things.

America’s Unbeatable Success Formula

Until about 1900, Americans enjoyed living under an almost unbeatable success formula. They lived life at a high level. Ignorance and failure were

Today we have so many high school dropouts, suicides and attempted suicides that there is absolutely no comparison to what we have today vs. what we had 100 years ago. And we are down about 10 notches compared to other nations in the world.
But then our nation is failing in other ways too. Education in the United States is only one way, which is the subject of this writing.


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