Our Founders Gave Us America: Land of Opportunity


There is a lot of evidence that our founding fathers were having difficulty in drafting the United States Constitution, and creating a Land of Opportunity, so it was recommended by one of them that they turn in prayer to Almighty God, and ask his direction and guidance.

This being true, isn’t it fair to assume that God ANSWERED their prayers, or at the very least some of their prayers, and graciously gave his direction and guidance in drafting our Constitution? God does say he hears all our prayers.


Our founders researched history and discovered there was a great difference between how countries were run: (1) the RULER’S law, and (2) the PEOPLE’S law. A Ruler’s Law is a theory where the ruler is in control and the people are submitted to that control (as in a dictatorship). But A People’s Law is one where the people rule, and their appointed or elected officials must submit to the desire of the people.

The first is top-down, and the second is bottom-up. America, land of opportunity, cannot be formed from a top down model.


What we need to see is the difference between a Ruler’s Law, an Absence of Law, and a People’s Law. This was the equation our founding fathers were working with, and it can be a delicate scale to balance fairly and functionally.

A RULER’S LAW. A Ruler’s law is 100% tyranny. The people have no voice. They are merely subjects to a ruler, a king, a dictator, or some other form of similar government. This form of government wasn’t even considered by our founders.

AN ABSENCE OF LAW is anarchy or no law. The people just do whatever they choose to do and there are no restraints, or even binding influences. The last verse in the book of Judges describes this: “Everyone did what seemed right in his own eyes.” This form of government wasn’t even considered by our founders.

A PEOPLE’S LAW is what our founders were seeking God to establish. This is where the people rule, but through elected or appointed officials who carry out the desires of the people. So, People’s Law is still law, but it is not top-down, or tyranny. It is established by the people and enforced by the officials.

+ + + + +

I should insert a parenthetical side-note here to say that we still have A People’s Law, at least in theory, but ‘we the people’ have allowed our elected officials (starting with the President of the United States, and all the Congress, and our Court system) to establish a political machine that is beyond anything our founders ever envisioned. They have so much choice, and control, and free-will, that they can literally do anything they choose to do, and we have no means by which to stop them.

This decreases the thought of America: Land of Opportunity.

Until about 1890-1920, ‘we the people’ still had the control of our nation. But between 1920-1960 we lost this control. I personally feel that John Kennedy was the last stronghold in ‘the people’s government,’ and he was assassinated in 1963 because of it. His brother Bobby was close behind him, but he was also assassinated in 1968.

Sadly, it may now be too late to change all that is going on in our government, but we can hope, pray and have faith that we can turn things around. There are many people movements trying to do this. Again, it may be a day late and a dollar short.

Once something has gone as far as it has gone, it’s hard to repent (as the Bible says), and to retract what has been allowed over so many years. Time has a way of perverting what was originally intended! In fact, our founders warned us about this.

Once a dog has broken his leash, he is hard to catch and restrain.

+ + + + +

Our founding fathers knew that they must establish a ruling dynamic that was between tyranny and anarchy: between 100% ruler and 100% people dominion.

The first is too much government. The second is too little government.

They wanted a balance somewhere in the middle, where they could give the people control, but not absolute, uncontrollable control. Total people control would be abuse of reason and of ‘the greater good,’ but total ruler control would be abuse the people, which sadly is what we have today.

(((( We can’t even make social security work, because of all our national debt and spending, but the ‘rulers’ and politicians who have created all this national debt and spending have secured a life-long financial safeguard for themselves (and possibly heirs) unless our nation goes totally bankrupt – which is more than just a possibility )))).


Our founders looked strongly at the ancient nation of Israel (before Jesus), and looked at how they existed in such a favorable condition under the laws and sacrifices of God. This was at least true until God got tired of their disobedience, and divorced them, as he says, and allowed them to be taken captive by the Assyrians and Babylonians.

But they saw in this that there must be a allegiance to a common goal, or purpose, or destiny. There must be something to keep the people adhesive and ‘one in thought.’

+ + + + +

Again, let me give a personal interlude and say that we have lost this today. The concept of “all nations – all religions” is good. It’s what this nation is founded on. “Give me your tired… your poor… your huddled masses yearning to be free…” This is all so noble that we cannot even today deny it.

BUT……… it has reached such a proportion today that ‘we the people’ are not ‘we the people.’ We have so many divisions that now you must ‘press one if you want English.’

There are so many social communities and intellectual divergent of thought in America today that there is absolutely no semblance of UNITY, which is what this nation was founded upon. Today it’s all a semblance of DIVISION.

Every group wants their rights. And it’s no longer just rights. The homosexuals don’t want just rights today, they want SPECIAL rights. Why? Because they say they have been deprived and ‘we owe them.’ America is no longer as much of a land of opportunity for everyone, as it is for a few who get recognized by our government.

Our government buys into it! Why? Because they don’t represent the people, but they protect what they have been convinced to be protected rights… can I say superior rights? “All men have been created equal.”

But this is also true with women, and with Native Americans, and with Hispanics, and with public vs. home schooled children, and with teachers in public schools, and with kids today who want to be taught civil-DIS-obedience and not civil-OBEDIENCE, and protest if they are not taught this (in Jefferson County, Colorado in September 2014). They want to be taught that homosexual lifestyle is just as good as heterosexual lifestyle, and that living on welfare is just as good as earning a living.

We live in a very flawed system today, but few see this is true. Why? It is because we are so mixed in our thinking, our needs, and our demands.

+ + + + +

Now let’s get back to reality, and not my speculation.

Our founding fathers looked at Israel’s method of dealing with a nation of people that was so large it could not be controlled (like ours is today, may I say). Under Moses they broke down their population into 1000 families… and then 100 families… and then 50 families… and then 10 families… and then only ONE family.

The emphasis was on SELF government, and they adopted this.

They knew that the domination of society began in the home, and not in what was perceived to be the higher ranks, or political arenas of society. “If it doesn’t begin at home, it doesn’t begin at all” was their way of thinking.

Parents took responsibility for the education of their children. Today, parents just tend to give it off to ‘the professional educators.’

This has produced human graves, not liberation and resurrection.

But, it’s what we have done with our nation: we gave it off to ‘professional politicians,’ and not kept it to the family: to WE the people.

The dynamic is exactly the same.

Under the Bible influences our founders worked under, there were four things that needed to be dealt with in our nation: (1) treason, (2) cowardice (3) desertion, and (4) homosexuality. After all, they were, at least to some extent, following Israeli lifestyle.

This is somewhat where the ideas for a strong state government came from: looking a the 12 tribes of Israel. Moses had kept the 12 tribes independent, but at the same time united under a common headship: the headship of God. And he divided the people into groups: 1000 families, 100 families, 50 families, and so on. Then he appointed a mediator over each group to handle disagreements.

The result in America became our state governments, followed by county governments, followed by city governments. Of course in all of this was the family, which was the smallest level of government and responsibility – including, as I said in another article, the education of the children. This wasn’t just all delegated to a school system. The parents had a very hands-on job to do.

And this then led to thinking about the federal government, and how there needed to be a division of power, so that all the power was not in the hands of a few. Thus, the presidency (the executive branch), the congress (the legislative branch), and the court system (the judicial branch) of government was created. A separation of powers was created, together with what are called ‘checks and balances’ between the different branches of government.


Now, you must keep in mind that the mindset of our founding fathers was a very CONSERVATIVE one, and not a very LIBERAL one that exists today: “Whatever I think is right.” This is what existed in Judges: “Everyone did what was seemed right to them.”

The next thing they had to deal with the difference between a DEMOCRACY and a REPUBLIC. I’m not going t try to address this here because it is too complex. But just remember John Wayne’s comment in the movie THE ALAMO. He was playing the role of Davy Crockett and said, “We don’t have a democracy, we have a republic.” Today, most Americans have no conception of what this means.

But the fact is that democracies seem to work well in fairly small groups of people who have some type of contact with each other, and responsibility toward each other. But if a nation gets to be large with fragmented groups (like we have today) with people who don’t even know each other, or even speak the same language, democracies are insufficient.

Since the Kennedys we’ve lost more than we’ve gained.


In all that our founders did in a legal or functional sense, they also kept their eyes on the fact that ours should be a moral, ethical nation, with responsibility from one person to another. This began with allegiance to a God Creator, was considered to be head of everything: “In God We Trust” – “One Nation Under God.”

From this, the concepts of morality, ethics and fairness flowed through everything that was said and done. Benjamin Franklin wrote of this: “Here is my creed. I believe in one God, the Creator of the universe. That he governs it by his Providence. That he ought to be worshipped. That the most acceptable service we render to him is in doing good to his other children. That the soul of man is immortal, and will be treated with justice in another life respecting its conduct in this.” It was this type of foundational thinking that was established in all parts of our nation. God is even mentioned in many of the Constitutions of the original states.

We were given a system based on morality for each other, and it all began with God.

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