Terrorism Can Grow from Common Law (2 of 2)


Part 1 is “Natural & Common Law vs. Terrorism”, and it can be found here:

I am not saying that a flood of common law is the only reason for terrorism, but it can’t be eliminated. This is just one slant on what is causing so much terrorism.

To understand natural and common law, see Wikipedia:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_law and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_law


Mankind rebels under any authority or law at all. This includes ONE law given to Adam and Eve. Natural law produces common law, and a system of law can produce terrorism. God did away with his system of law for a reason. This is why God sent his Son Jesus to take away the law of the Old Testament, and establish a style of living led by his own Spirit – not just our human spirit and soul.

It is said jokingly, but it’s very true: “Speed limit signs only exist to show how much we’re breaking the law.” We don’t take law seriously if we can get around it. We lawyers refer to getting around it as ‘loopholes and escape clauses.’

I believe this is one reason Jesus spoke in parables. He was trying to change our perspective from a HUMANISTIC one to a HEAVENLY one.


In the first part I mentioned that we now have 10 million laws to enforce The Ten Commandments. Talk about a legal system. Don’t forget that God did away with legal system for a reason. We like to think we are above the law. But then if we begin drowning in law, we take further steps to rebel against it. About 1940, it almost became law that the income tax would never exceed 3%. What a joke! Today we feel like the government is stealing from us, and stealing more and more as it gets bigger and bigger.

We see our rights and freedoms being taken away. Today, education is suffering like never before. Freedom of religion is waning. Abortions are growing, as is unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse. Morality is fast decreasing. We live in a relative type world with no absolutes. Recently it has been said that for the first time our children cannot expect a better way of life than enjoy. Reports say that teen suicides are at an all time high due to the feeling of hopelessness.

 A current socialistic mentality is, “Take from the rich and give to the poor” – and even to illegal immigrants. So, feeling imposed upon, and even forgotten about as being important, we tend to react in selfish, inappropriate ways.


When we feel imposed upon by government, then we impose ourselves on others. We tend to do unto others what has been done unto us, which is kind of a reverse golden rule. As I said last time, this begins with just anger and resentment that perhaps take the outward form of emotional or physical abuse.

Our feelings are that if our national leaders, and even Presidents and presidential contenders) can break the law and be immoral or deceitful and untrustworthy, then why not all of us? And it’s even often worse in other nations than it is here in the United States.

Our rights become eroded, while other people are given special rights and special protections. We no longer ‘consent to be governed’ – we are just arbitrarily governed. This produces social isolation rather than interaction. We no longer feel we are ‘all created equal.’ And of course ‘In God We Trust,’ and ‘One Nation Under God’ were disposed of long ago. God was substituted for law.


But this then grows in other ways. People want to take revenge for what they are experiencing. Crime, weapons and prisons are on the upswing revealing this. People don’t feel like they matter like they used to so hurting or even killing other people doesn’t matter as much either. Even mass killings make some people feel better.

The old saying is true: “Misery loves company.” If hopelessness takes hold, then misery is like a Siamese twin that is close behind. Misery makes some people want to make others feel miserable too.


Anarchy is a terrible way of life. Anarchy is a system devoid of laws and rules where everyone does their own thing. But a world saturated with imposing law and taxes that make folks want to rebel and get revenge isn’t much better.

I’m not saying that what I say here holds all the answers, but I am saying it greatly contributes. Again, God turned his back on a system of rules (The Old Testament), and established the New Testament gospel. Thus I call myself The Gospel Life Coach. Living in a godly, gospel way alleviates a lot of pressure, and controls a lot of humanistic rebellious thoughts and actions. If you’re interested, please visit my new site: www.ChristianLifeGospelCoaching.com

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