God’s Gift of His Gospel, and of the United States

First, the Gospel.

       II Corinthians 9 and 10 talks about “the EXPERIMENT of the ministry of the gospel of Christ” — to see if we’ll submit ourselves to it and live in what Paul refers to as divine liberty and freedom (Gal 5:1). If we do submit ourselves to it, we have all the blessings, promises and power of God working in us. Jesus and Peter add to this and say we also have God’s glory too (John 17:22, I Pet 1:10-12).

       Don’t miss this! The gospel was the only thing the first century church knew and lived for about the first 100 years. The gospel was the inheritance both Jesus and Paul came to give to us as a gift from God. It gave us God’s entire Kingdom (Luke 12:32). It gave us all promises and blessings from God (II Cor 1:20, Eph 1:3). The Holy Spirit’s work is partly to show us all God’s gifts that are ours so we don’t miss any (I Cor 2:12). Paul says what this produces in us is gratitude, thanksgiving, worship, love, grace, righteousness, peace and joy. No wonder Paul says the gospel produces good things in us (Col 1:5-6, Phil 1:5-6).

      But today,  we have so many church denominations, so many commentators, theories, theologies and opinions that the gospel is polluted beyond recognition. Plus, Paul says the devil himself does his very best to blind our minds to gospel truth (II Cor 4:3-4). So the gospel often goes undefined, as I so desperately try to define it:

(‘10 Gospel Coaching Sessions’).

     We must continually pray for more gospel revelation because Jesus says we must believe and live the gospel (Mark 1:14-15). Paul says we’ll be judged by the gospel (Rom 2:16, II Thes 1:7-9). Jesus agrees (John 12:48). Thus far, God has shown me 9 aspects of the gospel, in addition to salvation, but I’m sure there are others to be revealed.


Second, America.

       Do we value America? It too was an EXPERIMENT: a gift of great value!  After the Constitutional Convention of 1787, Benjamin Franklin said, “GOD has given you a REPUBLIC, if you can keep it!!”  But by the mid-1800s, we had exchanged the republic God gave us for a DEMOCRACY of majority rule by our elected political officials. We forfeited much of our liberty and freedom, and appointed leaders to rule over us. We are much like the ancient Jews who told God they wanted a human king, so they’d be like all the other nations. In many ways, we’re making many of the same mistakes that ancient Israel did. We don’t learn much from history.

       Fifty years ago, Bobby Kennedy said we had exchanged our freedom and justice for a system of political red tape. Today we don’t have the gift of liberty and freedom we began with, or the education system that was second to none in the world, or the 12-point moral creed this great nation was founded on. And we don’t have the revelation the founding fathers gave us as to how to succeed in a free “experimental Republic” that was totally unknown to the rest of the world.

(see www.ConstitutionLawyerCoach.com
especially the introductory articles)


      In both cases… the gospel, and the United States…
If we understand and live the foundations we have been given, then we realize the value of the power and the freedom and the liberty we’ve been given. If we know the blessings we have, we will want to defend, protect and proclaim them. The gospel reveals this, and I try to help show these gifts we are given.

       But I also pray that God uses Donald Trump to help get us out of the PIT that our elected politicians have led us into. He claims he can, but without God’s power and anointing he’s just a clanging cymbal and a beating drum.



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Now I’ll share 2 songs
that go right along with this message.

To hear these songs, and one other song, go to:


America! Articles transposing a negative satire into positive thoughts:
(This is a work in progress recently started)


America! Searching For Reality!

Composed/Copyrighted by Roger Himes


America! Land of pride and plenty!
People rushing to nowhere
Idle time beyond compare
Ignoring others in despair
Searching for some certainty.
People hear yet seldom listen
Others look but cannot see
Competing in the wrong directions
Acting out facsimiles.
People full yet always hungry
Reaching out but seldom touching
Outward laughing inward crying
Avoiding our Gethsemane.


America! Land of opportunity!
Money is our hidden treasure
Wealth becomes the standard measure
As we seek our fleeting pleasures
Pride without humility.
Great concern but no compassion
Fighting hard for selfish justice
Becoming slaves in all dimensions
While striving hard to be set free
Seeking answers while avoiding issues
Learning facts but never knowing
Seeking knowledge, seldom wisdom
Intellectual security.


America! Land of milk and honey!
Many songs yet few have meaning
Voices filled with empty chatter
Noise abounds but peace is fleeting
Clanging like calliopes.
Countless children yet few fathers
Many houses yet few homes
Many plans for great tomorrows
While today remains a mystery.
Many smiles but shallow greetings
Religious people with no true God
Many Christians without Christ
Searching for reality.


This Is God’s Country

Composed/Copyrighted by Roger Himes


Sitting ‘round the fire watching embers glow
Seeing flames reaching for the sky
Old man moon is shining high above my head
It seems like he turned and said, “Our country’s not yet dead
America was called to show this whole world how to grow
With all nations on our shores and joined as one God-fearing land.”

This is God’s country from sea to sea
Given as a gift to you, to you and me
Founded on liberty, all men are free
Given as a gift to you, to you and me.


Remembering Columbus on his virgin cruise
And how he passed a thousand floating Jews
Who had been deported then he went on to found this land
That became a mighty land to provide a home
To those same deported Jews.


We’ve lost sight of our vision: why America was called
To lead the world in love and brotherhood
Our money reads, “In God We Trust,” it is our nation’s theme
And you know as well as me, our land must be redeemed
We must regain our Father’s dream: live in love and harmony
Replace our trust in God above, please join me when I sing.








America! – A Satire




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