An Open Letter to President Donald Trump

Re: Blessings on your presidency after the January 20 inauguration



Mr. President, I know you are a very intelligent and wise man. Many of us are hopeful you will be able to perform the ideas you have alluded to. But we also know you will need some divine help, not just human knowledge, to bring them to pass.

I just hoped you’d consider some things from the perspective of a common citizen who is now retired except for a family owned wedding business, and who was a street lawyer for 25 years. I’m also known as “The Gospel Life Coach.”


When our nation began, we had more blessings and benefits than problems. We had founding fathers whose sole focus was betterment of the United States of America. Today we have a lot more problems, and problem people — especially elected officials.

Our nation began with ’In God We Trust.” God was part of our formation. Not all founders were Christians, but all were seemingly God-fearing, Bible-believing men. Today, education and political elements try to erase this reality from history. Our founders believed in a God of higher authority than themselves. A president as late as Abe Lincoln called God ’the Almighty ruler of nations.’

There must be a higher law than man’s, and a higher ruler than man, or else humans try to convert themselves into a type of God. This began with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden when Eve said, “I shall be like God.”

Our founders depended on God to lead and empower them, as though he were the Chairman of the Board at their meetings. They were not stuck on human pride, sufficiency and need. After the Constitutional Convention of 1787, Ben Franklin said to a reporter, “Sir, God has given you a Republic, if you can keep it.” Our founders most often rose above the base, faulty foundation of self, to seek God’s higher power and leadership. Our educational system does everything in its power to erase this reality.


In 1787 we were originally formed on the basis of spiritual law. Things were founded on spiritual principles and authority. Later, things were changed to humanistic, political rule toward the mid 1800s. Our educational system was second to none in the world, and this was the beginning of things. I show this in articles at

FIRST, we had an educational system that stressed the family as being the first place responsible for education. SECOND, there was public education that focused on what are called ‘The 3 R’s.’ THIRD, there was focus on a very extensive 12 point moral creed of virtues. It taught young people how to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, friendly, brave, clean and reverent. FOURTH, there was education on how to succeed in our newly formed experimental, capitalistic government.

Today, our public educational system mostly receives criticism. Many high school grads can’t read very well, and corporations claim they have to re-educate those they hire in just some of the basics of life and business and morality.


This nation was founded on freedom and liberty, but also on (1) a commitment to keep your word in all you do and say, (2) and not violating the rights and freedom of others, and showing respect, dignity and even love to others. It was based on a system of self-responsibility and a common loyalty to other people. Today this has changed a great deal, and many people would rather harm others than help them. Could some of them feel betrayed and minimized by our current political system?

Today’s educational standards are largely based on what we personally think about things, and choose to believe. Right and wrong — good and bad — have become matters of personal opinion and choice that have nothing to do with any absolutes.

This is not spiritual law, but humanist lunacy.

After I burned out being a lawyer in court most days, I became a western U.S. coach tour guide for 8 summers. My driver and I took bus loads of 40-50 happy people from SD to CA, and from MT to AZ for 7 to 13 days. I talked about a lot of people including outlaws like Billy the Kid. He was a menace, but his type was rare in the 1800’s. Today, there are many Billy the Kid types in every city, and they are far worse than he ever thought of being. At least in part, this has been created by our right and wrong, good and bad personal thinking.

Spiritual law cannot be developed by human beings, but only revealed by God.


The United States is a nation founded on spiritual principles revealed by God. ‘In God We Trust,’ and ‘One Nation Under God,’ were not just buzzwords, but foundational.

200 years ago, people came here to avoid the taxes and control of large government as they’d experienced in England and other parts of Europe, and they also wanted to be able to live in religious freedom. Today, 200 years later, we are under more heavy taxes and political control and rule than people originally fought to avoid.

Spiritual rule makes sense to the human mind and heart. Political rule does not make sense very often. There is no spirit to it. There is often no real logic to it. Most morals have been thrown out the window. Political rule is a system of majority rule of office holders deciding what they think is good or bad — right or wrong, based on their prejudices.

Spiritual rule and political rule is a fight between God’s will and human thought.

In the 1700’s and early 1800’s the focus was the greater good for the greater number. This was spiritual law. By the mid 1800’s, this had been changed to the greater gain and benefit for the elected politicians.

Today, right and wrong is a matter of human majority vote of a small minority. It’s not a matter of any absolutes, or any godly, spiritual influence. It’s simply a matter of human whim and ideas. And any matter of right or wrong can change with the wind. As Bob Dylan wrote:
“How many times must a man look up before he can see the sky?
How many ears must one man have before he can hear people cry?”


Without some type of a ‘higher than human,’ spiritual base, there is no foundation from which elected politicians can work. They come to office with different regional issues, and vote for the best interest of their clients and their issues. Because of this, we have ten times more laws than our grandparents. A Supreme Court justice has said, “We now have 10,000,000 laws, — to enforce the 10 commandments.”

A further truth is many time politicians pass vague laws that are in reality meaningless. Then they let lawyers play in the courthouse halls, and try to persuade judges to interpret the laws they pass in personal, subjective, selfish ways. And most laws have so much fine print that our politicians can’t even read them all or understand them all.


We have a new ‘god’ in America. His name is ‘government.’ Our Capital Building is not only a national shrine, but a type of temple. And it is largely run by lawyers. I’ve heard we have 5% of the world population and 75% of the lawyers. I’m relieved to read reports that many lawyers can’t find jobs and are unemployed, at least in the profession of law.

Laws are largely only an arsenal used to cause conflict, fear and retaliation.

Modern law is the method of control over common citizens like me. And it’s an arbitrary system, without any true logic behind it. Courts don’t deal in matters to enforce justice, but rather to enforce the arbitrary laws that our elected politicians pass. And the saying that a person is ‘presumed innocent until proven guilty’ is a fiction. Most thinking is that our police and prosecutors who are also ruled by our politicians, don’t arrest and prosecute innocent people.

So much is based on ‘the power-motive.’ As a lawyer, I know judges are like a god in their courtroom. They can even throw lawyers in jail for arguing with them.

And there is no comparison between the law and justice. An old saying goes, “Justice and the law make strange bedfellows.” This is a difficult statement today because of all the legalized homosexuality. I was in court one day and my client was being argumentative, aggressive and even obnoxious. The judge finally got exasperated and said, “Sir, the law is not necessarily fair, the law is simply the law.” I asked him if I could quote him but he said he’d hold me in contempt of court if I did.


Laws are not the only thing that has become arbitrary, and ruled by humanistic thought. This also applies to penalties that are also created under this law. A person may get two years in prison in one state, and 20 years or more in another, for the same offense. And in a civil suit, a party in one state may get $10,000 damages, but in another state someone might get $1,000,000 for the same thing. The statement ‘all men are created equal’ is just a fictitious statement of an ancient fairy tale.

This nation was founded on the concept that ‘all men are created equal.’ But it was only a fiction then, albeit a philosophical desire and goal. We were all equal, right? — except for the Blacks in the south, — and except for the Native American Indians in the west, — and except for women. It was over 100 years before women could even vote. And details of the Civil Rights Movement are still being debated and worked out. “Manifest Destiny” began as a vision to create personal freedoms and equality, but it quickly evolved into a method for politicians to control people — especially Indians, Blacks and women.

In many ways, the common citizens are only pawns on a chess board, manipulated by the will of their politicians. And, all laws, litigation and procedures constantly change. I used to think this was just a means to keep us lawyers on our toes, but I’ve since come to see it is has become like the American dream personified. It keeps politicians employed.


Our founding fathers warned us about allowing our nation to become a Democracy rather than a Republic. Remember, Ben Franklin said, “God has given you a Republic.” To fully discuss the difference would take a lot of space. But very simply, a Republic exists under a Constitution, the job of which is to guard the rights of people. In a Democracy, the focus is more on the politicians and their ability to rule.

In the Democracy we now have, there is a Constitution, but it is often minimized and not implemented. This is because elected officials have taken authority over the Constitution. Someone has said, “A Democracy can be described as two wolves and a sheep voting on what is for lunch.” They don’t want a Constitution to help decide this.

Our Constitution should be like our guiding compass on a ship, directing us through any storm. Instead of being a compass on the ship, today it has been left on the shore. Our Constitution has been so ignored today that it’s like its been put into dry dock. It would take work to get it out and dust it off.

We started out as a Republic, but it was changed to a Democracy by the mid 1800s.



Yes, I know we have Republicans and Democrats, but this is not what I’m referring to. I’m talking about conservatives and liberals, neither of which is very clearly defined, and both tend to overlap and change at various times over various issues. And to complicate things more, what used to be called liberal was really conservative, by our modern definition, and visa-versa. Often times, what they both say, and both do can be very confusing.

Does being liberal or conservative define our beliefs, or our behavior? Sometimes it defines neither, and sometimes both. I have a pet saying that applies here: “Right behavior will never produce correct belief, but correct belief will eventually produce right behavior.”

Modern politicians are focused on trying to produce right behavior from John Q. Citizen. If John doesn’t comply, then he’s fined, arrested, or maybe even killed (it’s called ‘execution’).


Elected politicians in a Democracy are like a dictator more than anything. They use force, power, fear, punishment and threat of death to enforce their reign. The Constitution could challenge them, but it has been left on the shore. With no Constitution, mutiny is a very viable option. This being the case, any law they pass is valid, until they decide to change it, which could be anytime. But to not obey them produces threats of harm or fine.

Our founding fathers tried to protect us from this, but the power mongrels we elect have a way of expanding their own power boundaries and decreasing the freedom and voice of their electors until any similarity between what exists now, and what was originally intended is purely coincidental.

One founder called all of this ‘the lust for power.’ Desire for power is a disease that is like a very aggressive uncontrollable cancer. And, before it destroys everything and everyone around it, it is like a drug that is dominant and controlling in elected politicians. And it’s not only addictive, but competitive and divisive among those seeking to protect their power, while at the same time trying to acquire more power. Politicians become like power junkies needing a constantly increasing ‘fix.’ It’s like they have a tape worm.


The thinking of our founding fathers was to control government and politicians, and to give as little power as possible. But their illegitimate sons and daughters strive for as much governmental power as possible. It’s like our American government has become kin to one of the four horses of the Apocalypse.

Today, the thought is not to limit the power of politicians and government, but expand it. Thus, they become like dictators and rulers, not protectors and servants. False beliefs that they are doing it for the common good is a lie out of the pits of hell. They strive for what is self-seeking and self-serving. Thoughts about America are most often distant.


By natural processes, what I’m referring to is ‘sowing and reaping.’ It’s how the world functions: first you plant, and then you harvest. But the fact is our elected politicians have changed this, again for their own benefit.

The national debt used to be in the billions of dollars (which few of us can understand). But today it’s reportedly over $14 TRILLION dollars under the last administration. Let me give you a quick, easy to understand illustration between $1 million and $1 billion dollars. If I were to give you a dollar a second, every second of the day, never stopping to eat or sleep, it would take me about 11 DAYS to give you 1 Million Dollars. But at this same rate, it would take me over 34 YEARS to give you 1 Billion Dollars.

How about a Trillion Dollars? I don’t have a clue.

But the point is that today, what our politicians philosophically do is to eat the seed they have —instead of planting it. You can’t harvest doing that. Most people will instead just starve to death. Then, after eating the seed, they borrow more seed from anyone. It’s like robbing from Peter to pay Paul. It’s like a Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde complex.

The more they can keep John Q. Elector in debt, the more power and control they have, and the more they can demand from John Q. Elector. In this regard, America has ceased being a definable nation of people, and has become a political giant that demands all

attention, and dictates all manner of life. Most politicians are not defenders of the people, but instead deplete whatever they can from the people. When federal taxation was passed, they debated capping it at 3-5%. That’s a belly laugh today, except it’s not funny.


Just ask yourself this question: why would someone spend millions of dollars to get into an elected position that often only pays tens of thousands? That is, unless you are truly focused on the redemption and betterment of this nation? It really doesn’t make a lot of sense, except for having benefits most of us cannot see.

Mr. President, I hopefully believe this describes you, from things you have said. I hope it’s not totally too late to get on a corrective course. The giant may be too big to kill, but perhaps we can just weaken him so he’s not so destructive. Or, as our cartoon philosopher friend Pogo says, “Perhaps we can just shorten his legal pads.”

I’m confident it can’t happen without the help and power of Almighty God. But the truth is we’ve been pulling away from him at such an ever-increasing lightning speed, I am not sure he can catch up. (Sic)

Very truly yours,

Roger Himes, Lawyer and The Gospel Coach

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