A Primer on The United States Constitution and Bylaws

The Constitution
and Constitutional Amendments
Made Simple and Easy


I call myself “The Constitution Lawyer Coach,” because, as a lawyer, I try to coach people into understanding the U. S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and Amendments. As a lawyer, I know that legal wording, terminology and phrasing can be a little threatening to the average person. So what I try to do in these writings is to break it all down where it is easy to understand.

There are 5 different aspects
on this site:

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(1) A Political News Blog: Current Events

Terrorism vs. Natural and Common Law
Terrorism May Grow from Common Law
TRUMP: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

(guest post by Tim Brown of Colorado)
Kaepernick and the National Anthem

(2) Introductory Articles

Interesting messages on how and why this nation came to be formed,
and what it means to us today.

(3) The Legalities of Our Founding Documents

The legalities of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Amendments
made simple and easy to understand.

(4) Satire and Positive, Personal Thoughts

This is in the form of a song I wrote: America: Searching For Reality.
The song is a satire, and therefore negative.

But the articles for each line of the song transpose it into positives, to help live a better, more dynamic, more purposeful life.
Remember: Americans are the backbone of America.

(5) Humor and Lawyer Jokes: The Law and Justice 

Here, I’ve added another dimension that really has nothing to do with the Constitution, but with lawyers — but by which the Constitution was largely written.

I’m a lawyer so I’m really an insider having fun at what I know to be mostly true, and I’m not just an outsider taking pot shots.

It’s in six parts:
(1) Lawyers, Laws and Justice
(2) Lawyers, Economics and the IRS
(3) Drunk Lawyers and Heaven
(4) Shrinks and Politicians
(5) America, JFK, and Laws
(6) Lawyers, Justice and Advice


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