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As a Colorado USA  lawyer, I coach people into understanding the U. S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and how this great nation of ours came to be formed. I try to make it easy to understand. I also try to make folks laugh with law, satire, and political humor: “Humor helps smooth the bumps of life” — and God knows we have plenty of ‘bumps’ in American life. Also don’t miss “An American Satire” above or below. It’s a thought provoking satire song I wrote with each of the 39 lines converted into a book of life-changing thoughts and ideas.
Roger Himes

I’m just beginning a video site: OneMinuteForAmerica.com.
60-90 second patriotic, political, satirical videos.

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Roger Himes, Attorney At Law

Roger Himes, Attorney At Law



     -6 6 Parts to This Site:

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(1) Introductory Articles

Interesting thoughts on how and why this nation came to be formed, the transitions we have experienced, and what it means to us today.

(2) Our Constitution Is A Model To the World

The legalities of (1) the Constitution, (2) The Bill of Rights and (3) The Amendments are made short, simple and easy to understand.


(3) An American Satire with A Positive Message 

America — A Satire! We Americans are the backbone of America. This 39-line satire is from a song I wrote that I then converted into a book with positive, motivational, inspirational thoughts.

(4) Humor and Lawyer Jokes: The Law and Justice 

This is humor only! If you look for serious thoughts you’ll go blind! Laugh about lawyers, laws,  justice, judges, and politicians.

(5) A Blog: Current Events and Perspecitve

Click this link for a listing of articles.


(6) Newsworthy Articles

As time goes on, I will post noteworthy articles about America.
There are no such posts at this time, starting out.

Knowing this nation was founded spiritually,
if you have a spiritual heart, check out my site:



By Roger Himes
Me guitar Lighter

Email: ConstitutionLawyer@gmail.com

After 25 years in litigation law practice, I got burned out and took a very early retirement. I spent 8 summers as a coach tour guide all over the western U.S. My driver and I took between 40-50 happy people on 7-14 day trips from South Dakota to California, and from Montana to Arizona. It was great… at least for 5 years… and I had a lot of time to do some thinking about the splendor of this fantastic nation we live in.

My family and I own and manage Meadows At Marshdale: MeadowsAtMarshdale.com

located in the Mountains of Evergreen, Colorado USA. We are about 25 miles west of Denver. We do 60+ weddings each summer in ‘The Red Barn’. We also do some winter weddings and other events. We are in the midst of what the poet laureate of Colorado, John Denver, called “ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH,” at 7800 feet high. The view is gorgeous. As my song says, “This Is God’s Country.”
27826 Alabraska Lane, Evergreen, Colorado USA 80439 +  (303) 674-1838

As a side note, I had the privilege and experience of singing and playing with John for about three weeks in Texas, in his ‘BC’ days: before was a celebrity. We shared the stage alternating sets. Learn more about this in the introduction in the humor section.

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